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Vegetarian, Vegan & Gluten Free Delights in Shoreham

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Have you been diagnosed with a food intolerance?

Do you love animals so much you don’t want to see them killed or treated badly?

Whatever the reason you’re not eating meat or dairy as a vegetarian or vegan we would love to know!

Are you a person who enjoys meat but can’t eat it anymore due to a medical condition but now misses the taste and texture of meat? Or are you repulsed by the feel, smell and taste of meat or dairy?

Here at Tom Foolery’s we are delighted to offer the kinds of vegetarian and vegan foods that we ourselves have tried and tested as vegetarians once ourselves.

From breakfasts to lunches, special recipe soups to sweets, savoury snacks and a whole bunch of  hot and cold drinks, our ever expanding menu has a lot to offer for our Shoreham-By-Sea Coffee House and Cafe.

Tom Foolery's Coffee Shoreham Vegetarian Gluten Free Cake
Tom Foolery’s Coffee Shoreham Vegetarian Gluten Free Courgette & Lemon Cake

For those of you who have been following an animal free diet already, we sure don’t need to offer an explanation as to why we sell these food and drinks, so you can skip the next part of this blog! But for increasing number of you out there in Sussex who are new to vegetarianism due to medical or ethical decisions here are some of the reasons why we offer what we do:


  1. If you want to pay a lower rate of life insurance then being a vegetarian or vegan will get you from anywhere between a 6-15% discount in the US and UK. If you are worried about not getting the right balance of proteins and vitamins or minerals in moving away from animal products then let these links help you with more information so that you can be confident about making that change to eat right, learn about new foods and not become unhealthy as several new vegetarians do (pizza, baked potatoes and pasta are not a substantial vegetarian diet!) Read more…
  2. Depending on your body type and lifestyle, eating less meat or dairy has been proven to lower dietary greenhouse gases by at least 50% research shows. It’s like a 2 for 1 here, in that your diet also helps with your choice of being an ethical environmentalist. Read more…
  3. Finally, another money saving pro is that having a vegetarian diet in the UK and around the world means that you are more likely to save money on grocery bills and eating out! The vegetarian options are always a few quid lower than the meat based ones!


Tom Foolery's Coffee Signature Dish - Vegetarian or Vegan Buddha Bowl
Tom Foolery’s Coffee Signature Dish – Vegetarian or Vegan Buddha Bowl

Our signature dish must be our Buddha Bowl – a warm meal of varied hot and cold fresh salads – in fact it is so good there is a whole blog just for it!












But let’s talk breakfast…

You’ll be spoilt for choice…

The full English breakfast at Tom’s comes as a vegan, veg or gluten free option and uses meat free sausages with a meaty texture for those of you who enjoy that

  – there are no viable peas or sweetcorn in these sausages and so great for kids who are needing a healthier option too.

We also offer Tom’s Bacon ’n’ Eggs or Halloumi ’n’ Eggs on sourdough toast.

There are always freshly made savoury, flakey vegan sausage rolls that when heated up become little pillows of goodness just waiting to be bitten into and we don’t mind if you make a flakey mess!

Our range of mouth watering panini where the fillings are prepared daily and that can be adjusted on request for you. From brie to falafel and all in between! There is a Tom’s Veggie HLT if you’re looking for something bigger – an alternative to the classic BLT but with halloumi, lettuce and fresh tomato in ciabatta bread with mayo and side salad – great for lunch or brunch – especially ordered alongside our crispy and delicious sweet potato fries.

The super soups that we offer are also freshly prepared on our premises and are not only healthy but really tasty too. 

That’s the feedback that we get and so that keeps us creating new ones. The Valencian Tomato Soup is a particular favourite, along with our Spicy Parsnip Soup or Curried Butternut Squash Soup, perfect for getting you warmed up for the winter season.

All of our vegetarian options here at Tom Foolery’s can be made into vegan meals too – and we also offer most meals, sweet and savoury delights as gluten free.

Thanks to our ethical and natural suppliers of gluten free sausages from Garlic Wood (nominated as 2019 Sussex Food & Drink Awards – ‘Butcher of the Year’  and to Foodhaven (Voted Britain’s Best Loaf 2018!) for the sourdough bread


So readers, if you are in Shoreham-By-Sea and would like to taste our range of vegetarian and vegan food and drinks then please do come by  – everyone is welcome here!

Check out the menu here

Tom Foolery's Coffee House Menu Shoreham
Tom Foolery’s Coffee House Shoreham

Please do let us know what inspired you to have an animal free diet lifestyle?