Forget Going to Spain, Come To Tom Foolery’s Cafe For A Hearty Valencian Soup

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So who said healthy had to be boring??!!?!

Don’t be fooled Tom Foolers by this simple looking dish. There are so many reasons why we’re serving up this Spanish culinary masterpiece here in Shoreham-By-Sea, Sussex. Typically traditional, this ‘hug in a bowl’ boasts some of the best that Spain can offer – a wild array of tastes that combine so well creating a uniquely moreish soup.

Served up piping hot, it is as comforting as any homemade soup should be, with fresh cooked Swiss chard, juicy Mediterranean chick peas, smoked Spanish paprika, succulent local tomatoes, the mandatory golden egg yolks for that velvety texture. This delight of a soup is a served up with warm and comforting fresh bread for some obligatory dunking and we dare you not to mop up the last drops of our soup!


Valencian Soupy Food Facts For You:

  • Swiss Chard, also known as ‘Strawberry Spinach’ is especially well known for having special chemical properties that make it extremely useful for preventing and treating diabetes, helping the blood sugar-regulating system within your body . Just 35 calories per cup
  • Chickpeas, also known as ‘garbanzo beans’,  are typically Mediterranean originating from the Middle East and contain a mere 269 calories per cup
  • Diabetes control – Studies have shown that people who consume high-fiber diets have lower blood glucose levels so these little chickpeas in our soup can help with both type 1 & 2 diabetes & to lower cholesterol!
  • The mineral selenium can be found in our little chickpeas too! Helping your liver enzymes function properly and detoxify some cancer-causing compounds in the body, also known to prevent inflammation in the body and decrease tumour growth rates.
  • Our gorgeous red, smoked paprika, known in Spain as ‘pimentón’ is a powdered spice made from Spanish peppers that dries over smoking oak wood, giving our soup that lovely savoury smokiness. A staple in Spanish cuisine, added for both flavour and colour. We went all the way to Valencia to actually source get this ingredient for your soup!
  • Vegetarian, not vegan friendly (contains egg)
  • Gluten free soup can be served with bread (gluten free options too!)


So, what are you waiting for, put your passport away and come over!

We are waiting for you at Tom Foolery’s Cafe to share our tasty, colourful and most importantly warming Valencian super-duper soup!

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