Balance & Wellbeing: Self Care with Food & Environment

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“It’s not what you know, but who you know” they say, and the same goes for health:

“It’s not what you eat (so much), but how you eat” 

To some extent this statement related to self care has so many positive aspects.

A lot of people in Shoreham are on a health kick, a lifestyle change – moving from traditional British meals of meat and two veg to a more ‘cleaner’ and vegan or vegetarian based diet, without gluten, carbs or sugar. Here at Tom Foolery, we are all about that – eating well and feeling well. But which comes first? The feeling well or the eating well? How many of you have been to Italy, Portugal or any Mediterranean country and seen locals enjoying breads, pastas, croissants and sweet pastries? There is a difference between eating well and the lifestyle in which you adopt to eat well. 

Here are our top 3 simple tips for a self care lifestyle that will leave you feeling great – on the inside and out:

‘A little bit of what you fancy now and again.’ We swear by this statement here at Tom Foolery. This is why we offer a BALANCE of healthy foods and drinks along with treats. We can’t police your eating habits but we can offer you the chance to eat well here and at the same time for when you’re feeling like a treat we can offer those too. Some of the healthiest people we know have this thing called ‘balance’. Knowing that about 70% of their daily diet is healthy and the other 30% for treats. By treats we mean things that should really only ben eaten/drunk in moderation. Sugar is obviously one of these treats. We all need sugar in moderation, and in many other countries sugar is consumed in moderation where sugar related illnesses are lower than ours in the UK. The hidden sugars in many foods that are consumed by us Brits also needs to be balanced which is why we always offer our customers that opportunity to check any of our ingredients in the foods and drink that we offer. Our menu is for all – people who know how to balance or for people who cook healthily at home and want to pop out for a treat…

Moderation is key. No food is kryptonite. It will not kill you unless you have a severe allergy, obviously. Eating carbs like breads, pastries and pasta are completely fine if eaten in moderation. Instead of a massive plate or slice of these, think about eating a smaller portion. We offer a range of soups and salads that can be eaten before or after the carbs as a way of making you feel fuller with a range of foods that your body loves. Unless you’re allergic, there shouldn’t really be a food group that you are not ok to eat. 

Eating or drinking in peace.

Being a vegetarian or vegan, can still bring many food allergies/intolerances/celiac symptoms for years actually, whereby a ‘healthy’ diet doesn’t always equate to feeling healthy. These can disappear however. No miracle treatments, apart from self care – and that doesn’t include cutting out the breads, gluten, acidic fruits, dairy and many other foods that people are often having to do, but instead learning to ‘let go’ and take care of ones eating lifestyle, emotionally and mentally, focussing on self care as a solution.

Eating and drinking ONLY when feeling good/peaceful is key. If there is an argument or heavy discussion, simply wait 10 or 15 minutes until your emotions and feelings get back to a ‘healthy’ space – letting your head and stomach feel peaceful before or continuing to eat/drink.

When eating with friends and the conversation starts getting a bit heavy – them moaning about work or a relationship or the state of the world and Brexit! – simply ask them to hold the discussion until AFTER you have eaten and digested a bit. This sounds odd, but the more you let people around you know that food and health is not only about the food on the plate but also how it is eaten and digested (emotionally, not biologically) the better you will feel after eating – even if it’s a heavy sandwich. A bad discussion whilst eating a healthy salad versus eating an ‘unhealthy’ burger in peace will leave some of you (the sensitive people out there) feeling the same.

Here at Tom Foolery we have a cosy corner for people to eat alone or just in a more ’safe’ and less hectic space. Come over and try it – but if you’re eating then don’t forget to keep the conversations light! You can bitch about the ex or boss another time later!

Self Care - eating or drinking in a peaceful place
Tom Foolery - Shoreham By Sea

Come and eat/drink with us.

Eating or drinking around other people, even if it’s just a cup of tea helps so many of our customers. We know that some people are not lucky enough to have a family and live alone, having lost a loved one, divorced or unmarried – the daily brew or meal that we offer here at Tom Foolery is important, but more importantly is the space that we offer to this type of client. Part of self care is having a place to feel ‘safe’ and ‘at home’ and we know this which is why our doors are open to customers who need time out of the house and to see a familiar face each day, even if that means just buying a drink here. The feeling of being part of ‘something’ can really be a valuable thing to this type of customer and we recognise that which is why we, as in independent cafe, value each customer that walks through our doors, some get hugs and some don’t but a smile and a space here for all.

See you soon @ Tom Foolery’s for some ‘YOU’ time…