'Fool's Gold' Exclusive Coffee Blend For Tom Foolery's Coffee House, Shoreham

Love Coffee, Hate Shopping? Coffee Bean Facts & More…

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Love Coffee, Hate Shopping?

'Fool's Gold' Exclusive Tom Foolery Coffee Bean Blend For Sale - Regular & Decaf
‘Fool’s Gold’ Exclusive Tom Foolery Coffee Bean Blend For Sale – Regular & Decaf

This time of year is wonderful for some who get the chance to go gift shopping for family, friends & colleagues – to go on the hunt for extravagant or precious presents and to share them in order to show off one’s wealth or love…

however, there are then people who feel quite anxious about the whole gift-swapping and seasonal sharing of gifts, as buying for someone isn’t that easy for everyone, especially if year after year you’ve exhausted your buying options! So, here at Tom Foolery’s Coffee House, in order to make life a tad more simple for you, we are delighted to offer our exclusive range of coffee bean blends – ‘Fool’s Gold’. 

In keeping with our local partnerships & supporting other small businesses ethos, we have been working with the local Sussex Horsham Coffee Roasters Company to come up with both regular and decaf coffee bean products. After numerous blending and tasting sessions we decided on the beans to be used for our coffee shop & packs to sell to you, our coffee appreciating customers. The chosen beans were selected from Rwanda and Brazil – giving our coffee a unique taste that is exclusive to us. The Brazilian beans make up 70% of the coffee, the bean, a strong type – the Mondo Novo variety (a natural hybrid of two varieties: Sumatra and Bourbon, originally discovered in Brazil in the 1940s). Coupled with that is the Rwandan bean from Bwishaza – Red Bourbon – the Bourbon is a variety of Arabica coffee bean, which has grown wild in Rwanda for over a century. These beans are packed with love as the Bwishaza washing station is a co-operative 590 member and work with an additional 200-300 farmers in the region. Farmers lovingly hand harvest coffee cherry and are paid on delivery and this year the co-operative were able to pay 270f (£0.23/kg), about 12% above the government set price. 

Tom Foolery Coffee House Bwishaza – Rwandan Coffee with a Taste of Strawberry and Orange
Bwishaza – Rwandan Coffee with a Taste of Strawberry and Orange

It is with this exclusivity that we would like to share our coffee with you – not only as a smooth cup of coffee at Tom Foolery’s but as a product for you to take home – for yourself or as a gift for someone this winter season. 

We are offering 225g or 1kg bags, @ £7.50 and £28, respectively, for both the regular and decaf varieties of our ’Fool’s Gold Coffee’. 

We also ground to order, however you like it – just ask one of your team who will also be happy to help you!

Tom Foolery Ethical Coffee Beans & Reusable Rice Husk Eco-Cups
Tom Foolery Ethical Coffee Beans & Reusable Rice Husk Eco-Cups

To make things even more simpler for you, we are also offering reusable Rice-Husk Eco Cups that can also be purchased as a gift for yourself or for someone this season. We offer these cups in several colours (the lids) and they have both the look and durability of plastic whilst providing natural insulation for hot beverages on-the-go. Not only formed of a natural resource that would normally be disposed of, they are compostable when buried in soil and biodegrades within approximately 2-3 years! @ only £6.50 with DOUBLE loyalty stamps for a month with each purchase – it’s like a never-ending gift!

Please do pop by, have a coffee and if you’re not one for shopping and getting involved with the chaos of Christmas shopping then grab a Tom Foolery Gift Vouchers at the til and we can load it up with anything from £5-£500! Give a voucher for coffee (or food) on us, buy some coffee beans or an Eco-cup. 

“You can’t buy happiness but you can buy coffee” – and for us, thats pretty close!

Go on.. #TakeTomeHome!

Coffee Facts:

  • There are two main species of coffee beans in the world – Coffee Arabica, and Coffee Robusta. More than three-quarters of the beans that are sold in the world today are Arabica
  • Coffee beans are technically seeds
  • The first commercial decaffeination process was invented in 1900 by Ludwig Roselius, who founded the German company Kaffee Hag. By 1912 he was marketing a decaffeinated coffee in Europe called Sanka, a name derived from the French ”sans caffeine.

Horsham Coffee Roasters have a lot of experience in the creation and roasting of custom coffee & only hire coffee professionals who know their stuff, including a licensed arabica Q Grader (sounds cool right!? – become a roaster yourself!)

Tom Foolery Seasonal (& Non!) Gifts & Vouchers
Tom Foolery Seasonal (& Non!) Gifts & Vouchers