Click & Collect Meaty Goodness!! Collaboration with Nominee Butcher of the Year 2019 – Garlic Wood Farm Ethical Butchers

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Once upon a time there was a magical place where people of the land loved and respected animals so much that they looked after them, raised them like their own, fed them a healthy diet and they were free to roam the fields and live a peaceful life.

Seems like a fairy tale, right?


Welcome to the place where we at Tom Foolery’s Coffee Company source our sausages, the recently nominated 2019 Sussex Food and Drink Awards – ‘Butcher of the Year’  – Garlic Wood Farm Ethical Butchers, Shipley.

To use the word ‘butcher’ simply wouldn’t do them justice. We have found this gem of a traditional farm that shares not only our values of ethical, locally sourced foods and supporting traditions, but also from a sustainability point of view, where packaging is recycled to reduce waste build up and protect the environment.

We started selling their handmade, free-range sausages in order to buy local and support our local farmers of Sussex – customers have been ordering more and more sausages as the taste and quality just speak for themselves.

The gluten-free sausages that we proudly sell as part of our everyday menu, are made using absolutely no rusk, are hand linked one by one and prepared in line with our British traditions. So what is the difference between an ‘Old English’ and a ‘Traditional Breakfast Sausage’? Take a look at the excerpts from Garlic Wood’s below.

But how might a butcher be ethical? We hear you vegetarians ask. Well, we can’t speak on behalf of Garlic Wood Butchers, but we can tell you that each animal reared is used fully, as the butchers are skilled in the traditional techniques of preparing the meat to prevent wastage in the meat preparation process.

We are proud to announce that Garlic Wood Butchers, with their ‘local & sustainability’ ethos, in line with our values at Tom Foolery’s, are now collaborating with us as part of their ‘Click & Collect’ scheme. The range of meats available are high in quality and extremely good value for money. From duck to mutton, skewers to steak and all in between. Whether you looking for ‘pigs in blankets’ this season, cooking ‘low & slow’ meats, top end or everyday cuts – you can simply order and collect from us in Shoreham!

How to order all your meaty needs in 7 easy steps:

  1. Get online and choose your delicious meats:
  2. Pay easily online and get your FREE delivery over orders of £50
  3. Come into Tom Foolery’s in Shoreham, just by the footbridge next to the new Post Office, when your order is ready to collect
  4. Leave all the cooling & transportation packaging with us to return for you
  5. Get your meat home, cook it, freeze it, Instagram it, savour it, enjoy it!
  6. Share the meat joy with friends and family this season  – it takes a second to share the link & could make the difference between a meal and an AMAZING meal.
  7. Repeat steps 1 to 6!


Other Sausage Selections from Garlic Wood Used Here At Tom Foolery’s:

Old English Sausages made with prime cuts of free-range Sussex-farmed pork, sage, thyme and seasoning. Made using prime cuts of shoulder and belly of free-range pork, our sausages are meaty and packed with herby flavour. We make and link them all by hand at our butchery.Our Old English sausages are our most popular flavour at Garlic Wood Butchery. They are densely meaty and well seasoned with lots of sage and thyme – perfect for a casserole, hotpot or on the barbecue. Remove the meat from the skin and use to make fantastic sausage rolls and stuffing mixes.

Traditional Breakfast Sausages made with prime cuts of free-range Sussex-farmed pork and a gentle sage and thyme seasoning. Made using prime cuts of shoulder and belly of free-range pork, our sausages are meaty and packed with herby flavour. We make and link them all by hand at our butchery. As the name suggest our Breakfast sausages are perfect as part of a proper fried breakfast, or served in a sandwich of simple chunky white bread and a tasty relish. They are slightly less herby than our Old English sausages but still have plenty of sage and thyme to give them a balanced flavour whilst allowing the taste of the pork to shine through.


It’s a no brainer really. Why get questionable quality meat from the busy supermarket when you can organise a nice coffee with a friend here at Tom Foolery’s and when you’re done, take your meat delivery with you. If that isn’t a recipe for a self-care, low stress lifestyle, we don’t know what is!

CLICK from Garlic Wood Farm Ethical Butchers online, and COLLECT at ours at Tom Foolery’s Coffee Company, Shoreham.

Local, Sustainable, Ethical, Welfare, Harmony, Traditions…

The End.


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